Treasure Coast Mushrooms


The Treasure Coast Magic Mushroom is known for its very large flushes and it is a favorite among amateur mycologists because it is very resistant to contamination.

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Treasure Coast Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms from the Treasure Coast. The Treasure Coast Magic Mushroom is well-known for its huge flushes and is popular among amateur mycologists because to its resistance to contamination. The Treasure Coast was formed from the Southern Florida Gulf Coast, as its name suggests. It was discovered growing in bovine and equine manure, as well as soils rich in.

Treasure Coast Mushrooms Effects

When you look at other sites, like Erowid, mycotopia, and Shroomery, you will notice that individuals report tremendous highs at first, especially from the BURMA and TREASURE COAST, and then the experience becomes more cold as you approach the high.

When you ingest them, you will feel enlightened, and they will help you connect with nature. All of this makes sense, as their name appears to stem from their incredible capacity to heal the mind and spirit.

Treasure Coast Mushrooms Dosage guide

The average dose for most magic mushrooms is between 1 and 2.5 grams of dried shrooms; use EROWID’s dosage calculator to discover the right magic mushroom dosage.

What kind of trip are you looking for? Intense and heavy or light and amusing? Discover the 5 trip levels you should know about!


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