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Polka dot mushroom chocolate bar review depends on the consumer and the number of mushrooms used in producing the Polkadot chocolate. Each chocolate bar contains 3.5g of psilocybin and psilocin from Psychedelic Mushrooms.

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PolkaDot Pomegranate

Polkadot magic chocolate is a mushroom chocolate bar inspired by the popular Polka Dance. The Magic Belgian Chocolate is another name for the shroom chocolate bar. The polka dot mushroom chocolate bars are crave-worthy choco shrooms that will help you overcome and adventure through your day. These experiences, however, are dependent on the dosage chosen by the customer. The essential ingredients employed in the manufacturing of these polka dot chocolate bars, like every other mushroom chocolate bar, are psilocybin and chocolate. Polka dot chocolate mushroom is well-known among micro-dosing enthusiasts. The fungal flavor is hidden by the chocolate bar, which can be eaten one square at a time. Polkadot magic chocolate review, Polkadot magic Belgian chocolate

PolkaDot Pomegranate

Polkadot magic chocolate bar review
The polka dot mushroom chocolate bar review is determined by the consumer as well as the number of mushrooms used in the production of the Polkadot magic Belgian chocolate review. 3.5g of psilocybin and psilocin from Psychedelic Mushrooms are contained in each chocolate bar. Some firms use 4 grams of mushrooms, however 3.5g is the optimum quantity for Polkadot magic chocolate. The results, however, are dependent on the consumer’s ability to consume more.

Furthermore, studies show that these magical mushroom-infused items have some amazing impacts. They promote brain cell proliferation and improve attention and focus. They alleviate melancholy and pain while also increasing appetite.

The primary ingredients for our Polka dot mushroom chocolate bars and magic mushrooms and chocolate are, in general. Magic mushrooms, commonly known as psychedelic mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms, are white-capped or brown-capped fungi or plants that contain the hallucinogenic substances psilocybin and psilocin in their chemical structure.

The bitter mushroom flavor is replaced by a sweet, creamy, and non-gritty flavor in our polka dot chocolate bars. Our manufacturing process is fantastic, from extraction to packing. This contributes significantly to our ranking as one of the best producers and suppliers of Polkadot chocolate mushroom bars in the world.


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